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what does it mean to be green?

We have been recognized by Denver Environmental Health as a Certified Green Business. We are proud of our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Certifiably Green Denver

Our sustainability efforts

  • energy
  • Water
  • resource
  • alternative
  • business
  • composting
Engery Sustainability

energy efficiency

Our plant uses LED lights throughout our offices and warehouse. Nest thermostats monitor the temperature within the office areas and plant. Energy-efficient compressors are utilized in all freezers and coolers to reduce our energy consumption.

Water Sustainability

Water conservation

Certifiably Green Denver provided high-efficiency toilets, and low-flow attachments were installed in most sinks.

Waste Sustainability

Resource management

All our copy paper is 100% recycled. Toner cartridges and all cardboard are recycled when empty. Recycle bins are placed throughout the facility. Also, refillable spray bottles are provided throughout the facility. Our office doors were constructed out of reclaimed wood, and our conference tables were once the front doors to the old Coors Mansion.

All soon-to-be-expired products are donated to We Don’t Waste and other Denver local nonprofits to help families in need within the local community.

Sustainabile transportation

Alternative transportation

We provide free RTD bus passes to our employees so they can take advantage of Denver’s public transportation system.

Sustainability management

Business management

We are committed to working with Certifiably Green Denver to remain CGD compliant year round.


SCRAPS is Denver’s premiere local compost service, with 4 million pounds and counting! We have been working with Scraps to compost all of our food scraps from the production line since 2019. We work with them to also create rain catchers out of our casing barrels! Learn how to make one with this graphic below: 
For more information or how to partner with Scraps, please visit their website: